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How to wrap paracord to your walking stick

2/23/2010 09:11:00 AM Publicat de Bogdan Ganea

Two posts ago I had an image with a walking stick that had an interesting paracord wrapping. I must say that I took it from the Internet. It was perfect for the topic of the post. Alex gave me a comment where he was wondering how that paracord wrapping is made. This one below is mine :P

I know the basis so I decided to give it a try and make a video tutorial out of it. The only problem I encountered was with the video camera. There were too many shots and a video format incompatible with my laptop. The shooting took a couple of hours, the editing, a couple of days :)) What is more interesting is that I believe I actually have some experience with video editing.
But anyway, let's start making this paracord wrap...

Right form the start, I have to tell you. I didn't use paracord, but some 3 mm cotton string. It is the same technique. I didn't have too much paracord left and I think, for a demonstration, it's good anything you can find. In my first video I used 5 mm hemp string, but that was no good. It was to tough and you couldn't understand what I was doing there.

You will need:
  • a wooden stick - doesn't matter the length if it's just for demonstration
  • paracord or cotton string (2-3 mm in diameter), about 10 m long
  • a hook, preferably made of metal
  • a knife - to cut the string
  • patience :)
The video is in Romanian, but it's easy to understand what I'm doing with my hands :). The hardest thing to understand is how to make a Turk's Head Knot. Actually, it's not so difficult once you get it. I tried my best to explain, but if you still, don't get it, click here and watch another Youtube tutorial specialized in this.

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